How IIL (Integrated injection logic) work?

21 Dec

Here what we do is, we use the simple inverter parts and make any gate using it as a primary module. inverter work as follows.
This is made out of two transistors NPN and PNP when we give high input(0.7)(which is connected to the base of NPN ad collector of PNP) it stops the current coming from the PNP form going towards the input and make it go towards base of NPN. This F/W bias the NPN and V(CE) become 0.2V and then as V(E) = 0, V(C) become 0.2V. Which is logic low.
When we supply logic low as the input current from PNP goes towards input and not to base of NPN this make NPN R/W bias and collector voltage have to choose the high value.

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  1. Chamila Wijayarathna

    April 29, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Thanx, this is very useful..


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