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Execution Cycle

New Day, New Ideas, Old Cycles

We all lives in our own cycles, everybody likes to live away from there cycles but only few can, We go on trips, hikes, we wear differently, make new friends, look for new projects, finally get in to some cycle most probably the old one. Just try to live in long cycles so your live won’t be boring. It doesn’t mean that small cycles are boring, ant cycle is great If you love what you are doing. But surely there is no of cycles that we can go through our loved thing without getting bored. So long cycles will help you in find your self interested in what your are doing for long time.
I personally stick in to a small cycle which is all about computer science and Engineering. In my personal blog you may see what I am going through, in my words “My Execution Cycle

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පිංතූර මායාව!

ඔයලා මේ පිංතූරෙ තියෙන කළු තිත දිහා බලගෙනම ඉන්න…
Progress bar එක ලෝඩ් වෙලා ඉවරවෙනවත් එක්කම ඔයලට බිත්තිවල පාට පෙනේවි.
හැබැයි කළු තිතෙන් ඇහැ ඉවත් කරල බැලුවොත් තේරෙයි මේක කළු-සුදු පිංතූරයක් කියලා!!! 

මට මුලින්ම හිතුනෙ මේක බොරුවක් කියලා. මම මෙක Flash වලින් open කලා . බලුවම වැඩෙ සිරා. Try it you self

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Lowest Temperature after 1950

Today must be you coldest day ever that you(and probably your parents) have spent. Because today morning we had very low temperature, specially in Colombo.

The temperature in Colombo has dropped to 18.8⁰C, the lowest recorded temperature in 61 years, the Meteorological Department reported today. Nuwara-Eliya recorded a temperature of 7.9⁰C while Batticaloa recorded 16.9⁰C. The cold climate will continue throughout today and tomorrow, the Met Department reported. Back in 1950 Colombo recorded a temperature of 15.2⁰C in the month of January.

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Maris Stella College, Negombo (MSC)

My School


On 2nd January 1817, Father Marcelline Champagnat, son of a farmer in the hamlet of Rozey close to the town of Marlhes in Loire, France, now Saint Marcelline Champagnat, founded the religious order of the Marist Brothers. A hundred years later, in 1918, four religious Brothers of this congregation came to Negombo, Sri Lanka, and took over the management of St.Mary’s College. In 1922, the school moved to its present site and assumed the new name of Maris Stella College, and thus our school was born.

Today, the College stands on an eight acre block of land only a short distance away from the centre of the city of Negombo commonly known as “Little Rome” owing to its large Catholic population and its beautiful churches.

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