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Y2K38 – Year 2038 problem (Unix Millennium Bug, Y2.038K or S2G)

What is the year 2038 bug?

In the first month of the year 2038 C.E. many computers will encounter a date-related bug in their operating systems and/or in the applications they run. This can result in incorrect and grossly inaccurate dates being reported by the operating system and/or applications. The effect of this bug is hard to predict, because many applications are not prepared for the resulting “skip” in reported time – anywhere from 1901 to a “broken record” repeat of the reported time at the second the bug occurs. Also, leap seconds may make some small adjustment to the actual time the bug expresses itself.I expect this bug to cause serious problems on many platforms, especially Unix and Unix-like platforms, because these systems will “run out of time”. Starting at GMT 03:14:07, Tuesday, January 19, 2038, I fully expect to see lots of systems around the world breaking magnificently: satellites falling out of orbit, massive power outages (like the 2003 North American blackout), hospital life support system failures, phone system interruptions (including 911 emergency services), banking system crashes, etc. One second after this critical second, many of these systems will have wildly inaccurate date settings, producing all kinds of unpredictable consequences. In short, many of the dire predictions for the year 2000 are much more likely to actually occur in the year 2038! Consider the year 2000 just a dry run. In case you think we can sit on this issue for another 30 years before addressing it, consider that reports of temporal echoes of the 2038 problem are already starting to appear in future date calculations for mortgages and vital statistics! Just wait til January 19, 2008, when 30-year mortgages will start to be calculated.

What makes January 19, 2038 a special day? Unix and Unix-like operating systems do not calculate time in the Gregorian calendar, they simply count time in seconds since their arbitrary “birthday”, GMT 00:00:00, Thursday, January 1, 1970 C.E. The industry-wide practice is to use a 32-bit variable for this number (32-bit signed time_t). Imagine an odometer with 32 wheels, each marked to count from 0 and 1 (for base-2 counting), with the end wheel  used to indicate a positive or negative integer. The largest possible value for this integer is 2**31-1 = 2,147,483,647 (over two billion). 2,147,483,647 seconds after Unix’s birthday corresponds to GMT 03:14:07, Tuesday, January 19, 2038. One second later, many Unix systems will revert to their birth date (like an odometer rollover from 999999 to 000000). Because the end bit indicating positive/negative integer may flip over, some systems may revert the date to 20:45:52, Friday, December 13, 1901 (which corresponds to GMT 00:00:00 Thursday, January 1, 1970 minus 2**31 seconds). Hence the media may nickname this the “Friday the Thirteenth Bug”. I have read unconfirmed reports that the rollover could even result in a system time of December 32, 1969 on some legacy systems!<

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Lowest Temperature after 1950

Today must be you coldest day ever that you(and probably your parents) have spent. Because today morning we had very low temperature, specially in Colombo.

The temperature in Colombo has dropped to 18.8⁰C, the lowest recorded temperature in 61 years, the Meteorological Department reported today. Nuwara-Eliya recorded a temperature of 7.9⁰C while Batticaloa recorded 16.9⁰C. The cold climate will continue throughout today and tomorrow, the Met Department reported. Back in 1950 Colombo recorded a temperature of 15.2⁰C in the month of January.

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New Improved Firefox 4 beta

For all users who likes to be with the cutting edge Firefox has provided the Firefox 4 beta. It is a great experiences to be with the cutting edge but always wear your seat belts and helmets because this is a beta version.

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Is Internet Explore 9 better than Chrome and Fire Fox


From the facts it shows that the answer for above question is “Slightly Yes”. More correct answer will be “Now it is in the race”. As lot of you know, for past few years IE has been out of this race between web browsers(I don’t know about other countries, but in Sri Lanka almost all users are divided between Chrome and Firefox). Now after so much of investment IE is now up and running. But it will take some time to recover from that major drawback.

Microsoft has obviously invested a lot of effort in getting IE up to scratch, and assuming it can get a reasonable proportion of the users of older versions of the browser to upgrade, IE9 should greatly accelerate the development of more powerful, feature-packed web apps. That’s because developers will be much more likely to develop sites that rely on complex JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 if they know those features are broadly supported in the browser market. I’d hope that Microsoft would consider releasing IE9 for older versions of Windows, too, as that will help to ensure that a greater percentage of users upgrade.

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Woman Kills Baby For Interrupting Farmville Session


A 22 year-old woman from Jacksonsville, Florida has pleaded guilty to killing her baby son over a game of…Farmville.

Alexandra V. Tobias says her three-month old child, Dylan Lee Edmondson, had been crying while she was trying to play the popular Facebook casual game. This angered Tobias, who told authorities that she shook the baby, had a cigarette to calm herself down, then shook him again. It’s believed he “may have hit his head during the shaking”.

Dylan’s death was classified as second-degree murder, a charge that carries the possibility of a life sentence in prison.

Addicted to FarmVille

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