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3 Awesome Addons To Preview Image Thumbnails In FireFox

This post will hopefully make your web image searching and browsing even more fun: the three addons listed will let you easily zoom the image thumbnails in to quicker choose one from search results.

Let’s see how we can quickly preview thumbnails in search results, download any image in its original size and preview your contacts’ Facebook photos right from your dashboard:

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Backup and Resurrect a Dead or Dying System Disk With Clonezilla


March 31st, 2011 is “World Backup Day”—celebrate it by using free software Clonezilla to clone an exact copy of your OS system disk, regardless if you use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux!

In the event of tragic hardware failure, a backup image or completely cloned disk can save you from loads of worry, and get you back on your feet effortlessly. Get in the spirit of the day—keep reading to see how to resurrect that machine with bootable copy of your OS.

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Free 14 open source apps that are great for Windows users

Open source is not only for Linux there are lot of valuable open source software for windows users too there are 14 of them in this article.

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Customize your Ubuntu with Ubuntu Tweak

When we are working with ubuntu all of us have a dream of having a very own customized OS. Ubuntu tweak helps you in this.This is somewhat similar to registry edit tools in windows. This allows you to dig into configurations you may not have even known about…and do so with ease. That’s right, there’s very little “magic” or obfuscation involved with this tool…it’s just straight-up configuration options that might have otherwise been hidden (or at least not as easy to find). With Ubuntu Tweak you can:

  • Update your system.
  • Add sources for packages.
  • Change startup settings.
  • Configure numerous hidden desktop settings (including desktop backup and recovery).
  • Set up default folder locations.
  • Manage scripts and shortcuts.
  • Gather system information.
  • Manage file types and Nautilus settings.
  • Configure power manager settings.
  • Manage security settings.

So, how does it work? How is it installed? Let’s take a look.

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New Improved Firefox 4 beta

For all users who likes to be with the cutting edge Firefox has provided the Firefox 4 beta. It is a great experiences to be with the cutting edge but always wear your seat belts and helmets because this is a beta version.

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Is Internet Explore 9 better than Chrome and Fire Fox


From the facts it shows that the answer for above question is “Slightly Yes”. More correct answer will be “Now it is in the race”. As lot of you know, for past few years IE has been out of this race between web browsers(I don’t know about other countries, but in Sri Lanka almost all users are divided between Chrome and Firefox). Now after so much of investment IE is now up and running. But it will take some time to recover from that major drawback.

Microsoft has obviously invested a lot of effort in getting IE up to scratch, and assuming it can get a reasonable proportion of the users of older versions of the browser to upgrade, IE9 should greatly accelerate the development of more powerful, feature-packed web apps. That’s because developers will be much more likely to develop sites that rely on complex JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 if they know those features are broadly supported in the browser market. I’d hope that Microsoft would consider releasing IE9 for older versions of Windows, too, as that will help to ensure that a greater percentage of users upgrade.

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Build Your Own Operating System


  • Introduction
  • Getting the boot loader correct
  • Registers
  • Up to now….
  • Get commands and split
  • Shell
  • My Implementation
  • Date
  • Time
  • Help
  • Hardware configuration
  • Key board state
  • Appendix A
  • Bibliography


If anyone thinks that, it is possible to build (or modify) an OS without putting any work or research in to it, I like to say that it is pretty much impossible.

Operating system can be called as the intermediate between computer applications (user) and Hardware. Here we are using assembly language to write the operating system.

We need some tools before proceeding (all of these work will be done in a Linux environment).

  1. As you can’t ON/OFF your computer each time you want to test the code, we need a virtual machine (VMware, Virtual box, etc…)
  2. Then we need a floppy image that can be used to use with our virtual machine. For that I used a shell script file. You have to place that at the place where kernel and boot assembly files are resting and run it (Better to use the command line for executing that file). You can find the file in appendix A.

Now everything is ready to proceed.

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