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Reduce The Size Of A PDF File

reduce pdf file size

In my desperate search for ways to optimize PDF files, I’ve found that there aren’t many free options. Although there are a lot of shareware programs, there are also, thankfully, a few free programs can help you reduce a PDF file size.

Irfanview & GhostScript [Windows & Possibly Linux]

If you don’t have Irfanview, you should really consider downloading it. It’s a much better and lightning fast alternative to the default image viewer in Windows, supports countless plugins that allow it to be extremely versatile, and converts images to different file types. You can use it to add borders and watermarks to your photos, and batch process many images at a time. You can also view PDF files, provided you download GhostScript first.

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Add Copy To / Move To to the Windows Explorer Right Click Menu

A hidden functionality in Windows allows you to right click on a file, select Copy To Folder or Move To Folder, and the move to box will pop up and let you choose a location to either copy or move the file or folder to.Here’s the quick registry hack to get this working.

It is always good to backup your  registry before doing any editing. Registry is a very powerful and sensitive part of your OS. Messing with that can ruin your PC at all. To do this you may want to follow my previous article How to backup and restore win 7 Registry

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Basic functionalites in using Sticky notes

Are you using Sticky Notes in windows 7. If ‘No’ must read article

When we using our computer, we come across lot  of small things that we need to memorize. What usually happen is we forgot those things with the time. If you are using stick notes you may know it answers the above question. If you are not using it I recommend you to use it because it helps me a lot. Here I will show you some basics in using sticky note. For some advance stick note functions read my next article on stick notes.

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