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How to change the Windows 7 Logon Screen? (Smart free tool to do it)

Do you like to customize the Windows interface, and tired of the standard log on screen in Windows 7? Today we take a look at Windows 7 Logon Background Changer which is a free and Open Source app that lets you easily customize the logon screen.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer

This cool app is free, Open Source, and lets you change the wallpaper on the Windows 7 Logon screen. It doesn’t require installation, and won’t change any of the system files. The download is a small zip file that contains an executable you can run from a flash drive, and also an installer in the Setup folder if you choose to install it.

After launching Background changer, you can browse through the standard Windows backgrounds to get an idea of how it will look.

If you don’t want to use the standard Windows backgrounds, you can add your own folder of images.

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Posted by on August 20, 2011 in Tools