All Important windows run Commands You need in one place

This is only the important ones to access full list go here

Action/Access Run Command
Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools control admintools
Adobe Acrobat (if installed) acrobat
Adobe Designer (if installed) formdesigner
Adobe Distiller (if installed) acrodist
Adobe ImageReady (if installed) imageready
Adobe Photoshop (if installed) photoshop
Automatic Updates wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard fsquirt
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Your Boss Never Knows What He is Doing – Funny

Your Boss Never Knows What He is Doing - Funny

Your Boss Never Knows What He is Doing - Funny

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Up the boot speed, get crash reports, Free download ‘Soluto’

Troubleshooting an application crash is one of the most frustrating tasks , but now Soluto has upgraded their already-awesome boot-speed-up application with an application crash analyzer—and it helps disable browser add-ons too.

If you haven’t installed Soluto yet, you should grab your own copy right now—if you already have it installed, you should be upgraded at some point today automatically. You’ll just need to restart Soluto to get the new features unlocked.

Note: Soluto is completely free, and our friends at the company assure us that this application will be free forever.

Screenshot Tour of Soluto

The previous version only helped you tweak your boot speed, but the new version has tools to clean up web browser add-ons, as well as analyze application crashes.

The boot analyzer still works wonders—I was able to delay Dropbox on startup and reduce my startup time down to only 25 seconds.

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How to change the Windows 7 Logon Screen? (Smart free tool to do it)

Do you like to customize the Windows interface, and tired of the standard log on screen in Windows 7? Today we take a look at Windows 7 Logon Background Changer which is a free and Open Source app that lets you easily customize the logon screen.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer

This cool app is free, Open Source, and lets you change the wallpaper on the Windows 7 Logon screen. It doesn’t require installation, and won’t change any of the system files. The download is a small zip file that contains an executable you can run from a flash drive, and also an installer in the Setup folder if you choose to install it.

After launching Background changer, you can browse through the standard Windows backgrounds to get an idea of how it will look.

If you don’t want to use the standard Windows backgrounds, you can add your own folder of images.

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Speed up your torrent download speed

Imagine being on the autobahn with the accelerator down and then you realize that you are driving a wrecked car. The plight is not so uncommon on the information superhighway too.

Torrent users would attest to the fact that half of our time is spent looking for ‘healthy’ torrents and the other half trying to download (and a bit of upload too) at the maximum speed. The former is mandatory; the latter thankfully is within the realm of tweaking.

If you are the one who thinks that your torrent download speeds could do with a boost then keep reading. Below, you’ll find a few tips on how to speed up torrent download speed.

  1. Your ISP is where it starts

Check the maximum download and upload speeds allowed by your ISP. Most ISP’s have specific bandwidths for both uploads and downloads. Obviously your torrent download speed won’t cross the cap set by the ISP. Go over to this article on for broadband speed test and this one by Tina on ways to increase your connection speed. There are many other bandwidth testers like DSLReports which is included in the speed test within uTorrent.

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